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Petite Yu Choy – 油菜苗

Yu Choy or also known as Komatsuna, Yu Chai or Yu Choy Sum which has a larger and longer stem. 

It is part of the Brassicaceae family, also known as the cabbage or mustard family and is a flowering vegetable. The flavor is sweet and tender especially if grown and harvest in its young or "baby" stages, hence our version of the Petite Yu Choy. 

 青梅竹马十几年,他们从枪林弹雨中一起携手走过,他是她最重要的亲人,也是最信任的人,现在她已经怀了他的宝宝,等退出组织后……忽然,苏落浑身一僵,眼底晕满惨烈痛苦,她睁大眼睛,满眼都是难以置信的绝望。一把推开云起,低头望去。 此时,她的胸口插了一柄锋利匕首,鲜血沿着匕首不断地往出涌出,湿润了薄薄的素色长裙,胸口的鲜血有犹如妖冶怒放的彼岸花,炽热而诡异。身为杀手,云起的匕首精准地没有一丝差错。

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