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Shanghai Bok Choy

Petite Shanghai

Bok Choy 上海苗

The Shanghai Bok Choy has a bulbous light green stem and oval leaves. It is a mild and sweet tasting vegetable. Shanghai Bok Choy is the most versatile leafy green in Asian greens, great for stir fries, soups, grilling and is a great crispy green for salads.


Petite Gailan

(Chinese Broccoli) 芥蘭苗

The stems are pale green, smooth, and crunchy, and the broad blue-green to dark green, waxy leaves are semi-glossy. Our Gailan is harvested while they are young, hence why we call it "petite". Our Gailan will taste sweeter and less bitter than the larger full grown version. 


Petite Yu Choy


Yu Choy's literal translation means "oil vegetable" in Chinese. It has a crunchy stalk, oval shaped leaves and when it blooms there's small edible yellow flowers. Yu Choy has a sweet, green taste similar to baby spinach, with subtle peppery notes. It is great for stir fries, steamed and blanching.


Water Spinach

(Ong Choy) 青空心菜

Water Spinach also known as Kong Xin Cai/Kang Kung Belacan, has become a regular in Asian and Southeast Asian households. The stem is hollow and the leaves are tender, when cooked the crunchiness of the stems complements the soft tender leaves with a crisp clean taste. 


Baby White

Bok Choy 奶油苗

The delicate leaves are dark green to light green, the stems are a milky white color, crisp, smooth, and wide. Baby White Bok Choy is tender and crunchy with a sweet, mild cabbage flavor with slightly mineral flavor. It is used in stir fries, soups and salads.

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